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Alpha Analytical


FPM Group

Gannett Fleming Architects and Engineers.

Land Air Water Environmental Services, Inc.

Laurel Environmental Associates, Ltd.

Law Office of Frederick Eisenbud

Naeva Geophysics Inc.

Systematic Technologies, Inc.


ZEBRA Environmental Corp

Other Geological Organizations in New York State and the New York Metropolitan Area

American Institute of Professional Geologists Northeast section web page can be found at the AIPG web site

Association of Engineering Geologists New York-Philadelphia Section

Association for Women Geoscientists (Northeast Section)

Buffalo Association of Professional Geologists

Central New York Association of Professional Geologists

Connecticut Geological Survey

Geological Association of New Jersey

Hudson-Mohawk Professional Geologist's Association

Long Island Geologists (academic conference, field trips, and public lectures)

New Jersey Geological Survey

The New York Academy of Sciences

New York State Council of Professional Geologists

New York State Geological Association

New York State Geological Survey

Paleontological Research Institute

Links to USGS and other Governmental Resources

USGS Home Page

USGS Water Resources

National Groundwater Atlas of the United States

Links to Neighboring, National and International Geological Surveys or Organizations

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

American Geological Institute

American Geophysical Union

American Institute of Professional Geologists

Association of American State Geologists

Association of Engineering Geologists

Association for Women Geoscientists

Geological Society of America

Midwest GeoSciences Group

International Association for Mathematical Geology

National Association of Geoscience Teachers

Paleontological Society

Pennsylvania Geological Survey

Rhode Island Geological Survey

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Society for Sedimentary Geology

United States Geological Survey

Web Sites of Interest to Geologists on Long Island and in Metropolitan New York

The Duke Geological Lab  (field trip guidebooks and other resources from Charles Merguerian, Hofstra University).

Earth Science Research Project

Long Islands Natural Environment

New York City Water Supply Watersheds

New York Geology Resource Page

Westchester Geology Web Page

Web sites at Universities and Colleges on Long Island and in Metropolitan New York

Brooklyn College - Department of Geology

The College of Staten Island - Geology in the Department of Applies Sciences

Columbia University - Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

C.W. Post - Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences,

Hofstra University - Department of Geology

Hunter College - Geography Department

Queens College - Department of Geology

Rutgers - Geological Sciences, State University of New Jersey

Rutgers (Newark) - Geology Department, State University of New Jersey

SUNY Stony Brook - Department of Geosciences

SUNY Stony Brook - Isotope Laboratory, Department of Geosciences

SUNY Stony Brook - Long Island Groundwater Research Institute

SUNY Stony Brook - Marine Sciences Research Center

SUNY Stony Brook - Mineral Physics Institute and Center for High Pressure Research

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University

Princeton University - Department of Geosciences

University of Connecticut - Department of Geology and Geophysics

University of Connecticut - Department of Marine Sciences

Vassar College - Department of Geology and Geography

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