The Long Island Association of Professional Geologists (LIAPG) is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to the professional and business needs of geologists located in the Long Island / Metro New York area.
The Goals and Mission of the LIAPG:
  • Provide a forum for geologists in the Long Island area to address professional, legal, economic, and social aspects of geological practice.
  • Solicit opinions, professional and financial support, public action, and other measures deemed necessary by LIAPG to foster the interests of geologists and the public, and to provide input to Federal, State, and local government agencies engaged in the regulation of the practice of geology or professional services affecting the geological professions.
  • Support geologic education in primary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities in LIAPG's coverage area.
  • Create continuing education opportunities for professional geologists.
  • Assist geologists in establishing professionally recognized qualifications by supporting professional licensing and certification, professional education and development, and by supporting the standards of professional practice of recognized national and local geologist organizations (including AIPG, NYSCPG, AEG, etc.).
  • Develop cooperation and communication with national and state geological organizations, supporting mutual goals, joint meetings, professional development, and legislative initiatives.

Current Officers:

    President - Chris Wenczel
    Vice President - Ken Wenz
    Treasurer - Cheryl Neary
    Secretary - Kevin Hoogerhyde

    Board Members:
    Chris Wenczel
    Ken Wenz
    Cheryl Neary
    Kevin Hoogerhyde
    Tom Dwyer 
    Derek Ersbak 
    Jennifer Lewis 
    Arnas Nemickas 
    John Wolf
    Brian Duggan
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