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    • August 21, 2022
    • 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Nissequogue River State Park, Kings Park, NY 11754
    • 17

    Greetings Colleagues!

    Registration closes TODAY for the LIAPG Canoe/Kayak Paddle & Picnic!!

    Sunday, 21 August 2022!!!

    We still have a few openings left.

    This is a 5.5-mile, easy paddle on the beautiful Nissequogue River riding the outgoing tide that takes approximately 2.5 hours.  We will meet/park our cars at 8:30 am at Nissequogue River State Park where the bus will take our group to put in at Paul Given County Park ("The Bull") and the trip will between 9:00 - 9:30 am.  The trip ends at Nissequogue River State Park where we will enjoy a barbeque/picnic.


    Not into the water? 

    You absolutely are welcome to just come for the picnic!

    Here are the important highlights:

    • 8:30 AM: Be at the main parking lot in Nissequogue State Park where the canoe/kayak rental company bus will pick us up and take us to the upstream launch location.  This way our cars will be parked where we land for our picnic after the paddle. 
    • You will have to pay the $8 NY State Park Vehicle Entrance Fee upon arriving at the park.
    • The park staff will provide us an area with picnic tables.
    • This is a BYOB event, we are planning a catered barbeque/picnic, we provide the food, and you will do the eating and enjoy beverages of your choice.
    • Life jackets are provided and you should wear them.
    • It may be hot and sunny so sunscreen, a hat and water or sports drinks are suggested.
    • You should place valuables and electronics in a sealable water-tight bags or a drybag.
    • Did you know that the river has an average discharge of 42.2 cubic feet per second (1.19 m3/s) which is the most of any of the freshwater rivers on Long Island?  That's over 27 million gallons per day!
    • How much does it cost?  A mere $20/per person which includes a canoe for two or kayak, and the barbeque/picnic.  LIAPG is covering approximately 75% of the cost per person on this one!
    • Please be sure to check the box whether you want a canoe or kayak when registering.



     Email us at:


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